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5 Tips to Save You Time on your Marketing

“I don’t have time to do Marketing.”
A common statement when I speak to a business. Firstly, if you have started a business, you are already marketing. Secondly, your business got to this point by marketing – what do you think will happen if you stop? Remember, marketing (telling people about your business) is how you get sales leads. Marketing warms them up and you convert.
Tips to save time on your marketing

Plan – [...]

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How is 2016 shaping up?

Happy New Year to all of my customers and followers.
In between opening presents, cooking and playing Monopoly (which I won) I spent some time working on my business rather than it. I took some time to really think about my plan for the next financial year which starts in April 2016.

I looked at this year’s financial figures and really thought about where I want the business to go. I want to grow the [...]

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