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Heather Selbie, Director Mazzle Ltd

How did Mazzle get started?

At the beginning of 2013, my manager approached me, she told me that I had done everything that I said I would to their marketing to a point that it ran so well, it wasn’t a full-time job anymore. Probably the best way to say that I was going to be made redundant. Well, it turned out that they still needed assistance just on a smaller scale and they wanted to outsource to me, if I was willing.

So, on 1 April 2013, Mazzle was launched to not only meet this contract but with a view to give the same advantage to other small-medium sized businesses. Since then, Mazzle has grown considerably and there is very little chance of it slowing down.

The birth of Mazzle!

I’m sure all business owners can appreciate how difficult it is to come up with a great company name. I had heard a fellow marketer say that her company name was the 249th on her list. I was petrified of choosing the wrong name. I wanted something that was to do with marketing (in an abstract way) and not give the game way completely. I wanted a talking point at networking events – let’s face it if I had a name badge on saying Utility Warehouse you know what I do and there goes the intrigue.

So, the name! Marketing + Puzzle = Mazzle.

So, I present to you:

Mazzle; the answer to your marketing puzzle.

Vision and Mission

Like most businesses, we have a vision and mission statement which helps define our goals.

Mazzle’s Mission

At Mazzle, we are dedicated to help business’s find and truly understand the answer to their marketing puzzle with integrity, personality and passion to rival other Marketing Agencies.

Mazzle’s Vision

My vision is for Mazzle to be the most recommended marketing agency that is consistently recognised for its passionate and personable approach in developing their clients marketing strategies

What makes Mazzle different?

Mazzle is not a typical Marketing Agency. We live and breathe our core values and they really demonstrate our approach.

Mazzle core values:

  • Be Personable
  • Emphasise your Passion
  • Demonstrate Expertise and Knowledge
  • Show Integrity
  • Maintain and build Relationships

Our first core value is to be personable so when you meet a member of the Mazzle team, you will meet someone who will have a sense of humour, be friendly and engaging and to put it bluntly, won’t bore you to death. I am truly passionate about Marketing and as such all of those who work for us are recruited on their passion for their area of expertise.

Mazzle has a fountain of expertise and knowledge. I personally have over 5 years’ experience in most areas of Marketing. Additionally, I hold several CIM qualifications and I’m continually looking to update and improve my skills with further development as the marketing world continuously changes.

Those who work for me have significant experience in their chosen fields and continuously work hard on honing their skills to perfection.

Integrity is a fancy word for honesty. Everything we do will be clear, not hidden away in the small print. We will be honest and tell you if something is not working or if something doesn’t need changing (even if we are doing ourselves out of business!).

Lastly, relationships are important to us, all of them, from our customers, employees, suppliers to our networking colleagues. We have built a good network and we want to maintain it to the best of our ability whilst forging new relationships.

So, if you share our values, we would love the opportunity to work with you.

Call us now on 01604 434170

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