After Support +

After training, you are generally excited about what you have learnt and want to get started. Most people tend to make a start but then other things get in the way, especially if it’s not their day-to-day job.

Social Media TrainingSo I had an idea to offer an add-on to the after-support that we already offer.

At the moment, when you pay for your social media training you have one year’s after-support for queries and questions about the social media platform included.

The After Support + package helps you implement what you have learnt and start seeing results.

How will it work?

Let’s say you have just had Twitter training and you sign up for After Support +

On the day you sign up, you supply log in details for your Twitter account and I will take a look at your Analytics and look at what you are achieving e.g. Number of tweets / impressions etc per month.

I will then set you some targets for month 1 which will be sent via email so you have them in writing.

Each week, I will log on to your account, review what you are achieving against your targets and look at your activity. You will receive an email update from me advising what you are achieving and where you can improve.

For example, I may look at your posts and recommend you try a different type of post / at a different time or more engagement.

At the end of the month you’ll get a final report on what has worked well for that month, what you achieved against your targets and your targets for the next month.

Do I really need it?

If you are self-motivated to do this and you know you will put the time aside each day to work on social media – no, please do not sign up for this package.

However, if you have the best intentions and want to make it work but you are worried about starting to post, find it difficult to put time aside for anything unless there is a looming deadline or just generally want to get it started on the right foot and quickly; then this is for you.

After support + Package

  • Target setting per month
  • Weekly email with your progress against your targets
  • Weekly email with suggestions to improve
  • A full months social media report at the end of the month which includes:
    • Final figures against your targets: Followers, mentions, posts etc
    • Best performing posts for that month
    • Best times to post.

Cost: £60.00+VAT per month

Whether you’ve already had training with us and want to upgrade, or would like further info on our training services give us a call now on 01604 434170.