Marketing – check! Leads – check! Now, what?

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. In a successful business environment, they sit alongside one another to target customers, make sales and increase revenue. However, the two teams often clash or don’t coordinate their techniques and actions. This culminates in neither team utilising the other’s skill set, ultimately to the detriment of the business.

This blog is about the role of sales in making the most of marketing. Essentially, good marketing brings clients to you, the [...]

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How do I set a Marketing Budget?

When running a business, you face making key decisions daily. These decisions include setting budgets for business activities such as marketing and outreach to attract new clients and customers.

Creating a detailed marketing budget is an important part of producing a plan of action that is realistic and will help improve company revenues.

Before committing large amounts of time and money, it is important to create a spending plan. This will ensure there is enough money to [...]

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Facebook ads: Good or Useless?

So you’re thinking of paying for ads?

Think about the amount of information people put on Facebook – not just in their profile bios but what they post, comment, share or even view. Facebook stores all that information. Using their ad facility enables you to target people based on exactly those things.
Types of things you can target people on:
• Location – You can be as specific as dropping the pin on a specific [...]

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GDPR: How will it affect you?

You may or may not have heard of the introduction of the new data protection legislation GDPR. This new act, the General Data Protection Regulation, will replace the original data protection act of 1998 and is going to change the way you are able to use and distribute personal information.

The introduction of GDPR will take effect on the 25th May 2018, but with the huge impact this is going to have on businesses in [...]

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Happy New Year!

Do you want to grow in 2017? Are you sure?
I am sat here, still in 2016, thinking about the new year ahead for my business.

It’s a really good time for me as a lot of clients assume that I’m taking time off to enjoy the Christmas break. I am, but I am working too to plan ahead as I find it therapeutic. Yeah, yeah, I know *cough* Loser *cough*.

2017 will be an exciting [...]

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Have a Mazzling Christmas!

Well, 2016 is nearly done, Christmas is just 12 days away! Not sure if you feel that it has flown by, but I sure do.
What’s happened to Mazzle in 2016?
In April, we moved into offices in Abington (The Nova Centre, 1 Purser Road, NN1 4PG) sharing an office with The Sales Manager. We have made some great connections in the building with other businesses who are doing some exciting and interesting things [...]

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Get 94% more views on your blog posts

Blogging is not a new concept and if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, I would strongly suggest you consider it! Adding more content to your site means that more pages from your domain are indexed in search engines, improving organic search visibility and thus driving more traffic to your site! WIN, WIN!

If this is a key focus for you and your brand, that you are looking to drive more traffic to your [...]

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    Are you thinking about recruiting a Full-time Marketing employee?

Are you thinking about recruiting a Full-time Marketing employee?

Firstly, let me say that my background is not recruitment but I have recently gone through the recruitment process for the third time.

It’s a long old process. Writing a job description, CV collation, screening, offering interviews, chasing responses, scheduling them in, preparing interview question, then actually having them turn up to the first interview (if they turn up), making a decision about them, moving on to the next one, then deciding who goes to [...]

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What Are The Key Trends in Marketing?

Amber and I recently attended a conference called Technology for Marketing (TFM) at Olympia, London on 28th and 29th September, where we were subject to the growing trends in the marketing world.

Great conference and, as usual, I picked up some great insights and it also confirmed to me that other marketers are thinking the same as me.
Key trends as we head towards 2017…
Marketing Automation
This to me, seemed the main theme of the [...]

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Where Should I Spend My Time on LinkedIn?

So I’ve been asked numerous times in the past couple of weeks about LinkedIn, “Is it worthwhile?” “Should I be using it?” “But what do I do on there?”

The first two questions I can answer with a super simple three letter word, Y E S. LinkedIn is growing, fast. 

As per usual with my blog posts, I love facts and figures, you can’t argue with them so here it is: LinkedIn has been noted as [...]

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