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Are you losing customers?

Let’s help get them back.
Recently, I addressed losing customers in my blog about Competitor Analysis, “Know Thy Competitor.” What I did not address was how to get them back.
Effort vs. Value add
You need to establish whether they are worth the effort to get them back. I know that sounds harsh and every customer is valuable to you but there are several different types of customers. For now, I will talk about [...]

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What can be scary but satisfying? Networking!

I remember my first networking event like it was yesterday…
It was in my first week in my new role as Marketing Manager for Chelton Brown. Sali (M.D of Chelton Brown) informed me that part of my role would be to network for the company, by attending networking events to build relationships and bring in leads. I was on board with the concept but intrigued as I had never attended a networking event. It [...]

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How sociable is your Social Media?

Tweet with care
Social media offers new strategies that can help raise a company’s business presence. Blogs and similar media present a unique opportunity to put a positive image of a business into the public domain, as well as providing an innovative way of sharing information and knowledge with others.

But all the things that give social media its huge benefits also provide real danger to your brand.

Have a look at Social media, in [...]

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Know thy competitor

Setting the scene
Let’s set the scene: you have a fantastic company and it has loads of profitable customers. You feel that you’re the best company out there for your kind of product/ service and then, slowly, some of your customers start leaving you for your competitors. You start to panic as you realise that you don’t know why they are leaving you.
What is happening?
There may be several “breaking points” for a [...]

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