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Where Should I Spend My Time on LinkedIn?

So I’ve been asked numerous times in the past couple of weeks about LinkedIn, “Is it worthwhile?” “Should I be using it?” “But what do I do on there?”

The first two questions I can answer with a super simple three letter word, Y E S. LinkedIn is growing, fast. 

As per usual with my blog posts, I love facts and figures, you can’t argue with them so here it is: LinkedIn has been noted as [...]

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How Often Do You Inspect Your Marketing?

Once a year? Once a month? It can be difficult to know how often to look over your marketing plans. With so many marketing channels available it is as important as ever to keep an eye on how things are going.

From my experience, I tend to recommend you inspect every 3 months, depending on the type of marketing you are doing.
Social Media
Review every two months or when you notice a significant increase [...]

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Pinterest – Is it Worth My Time?

Using Social Media as a tool to market business is by no means a new concept, but with a constant stream of new social platforms popping up in app stores all the time, which do you use?

I rarely come across businesses that do not have all of, or at least one of, what I would consider the Top Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. So why would you add Pinterest to this list [...]

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How often should I look at Facebook Insights?

Data analysis, such as use of Insights, can seem daunting if you’re not used to doing it. This fear of the unknown causes a lot of people to avoid checking their stats regularly. It’s on a priority list but slowly gets pushed further and further down until so much time has passed that it seems impossible to know where to start with it all!

The ironic thing is that it’s actually much harder to review [...]

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Why Do People Read Blogs?

A lot of business bloggers write blogs, because marketers say they should. They focus on a product, try to write something catchy, make it look pretty and bob’s your uncle, they’ve completed a blog and can tick it off their to-do list.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little simplistic here and there is a little more research, proof reading and thought into the storyline…

But I do wonder how many people actually take the time [...]

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What is Linkedin Pulse?

Linkedin keeps messing around by withdrawing some great features but one they have put in place in recent years and it’s still here is Linkedin Pulse. (Log in, on the black toolbar, go to Interests, the third option is Pulse.)

Linkedin Pulse is a place where articles can be posted and have the potential to be seen by a wider audience.
When you post in your normal home feed, your followers or your connections [...]

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What do I write about in a Blog?

Blogging tips
I recommend to businesses to start blogging if they are:

Struggling with their Google ranking
Want to market their business with little-to no cost
Want to be position their business as the experts in their fields
Need content for their social media.

What is a Blog?
In a newspaper, you have articles; generally formal in nature and typically written in a third person but ultimately they are articles of news, good stories or general [...]

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Our Top 5 Twitter Tips

Twitter is a great tool with so many great features but what are the top five things you can do with Twitter?

Utilise Lists – A fantastic feature of Twitter which is rarely used. You can select the list to be available for public view or make it private for your use. Private lists are a great way to keep an eye on competitors as well as potential clients.

Hashtags – There is a hashtag for [...]

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How is 2016 shaping up?

Happy New Year to all of my customers and followers.
In between opening presents, cooking and playing Monopoly (which I won) I spent some time working on my business rather than it. I took some time to really think about my plan for the next financial year which starts in April 2016.

I looked at this year’s financial figures and really thought about where I want the business to go. I want to grow the [...]

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Which social media platform should I use?

Firstly, have a think about your business and who you are targeting. Do you want to target other businesses or Joe-Average? Do you have a visual service? Do you have products?

Now, let’s take a look at the Famous Five of social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google +.
This platform that most businesses should be on whether you sell to businesses or the average consumer. It works for pretty much all [...]

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