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We may be in a world where everything seems to be online, a world where design and print is no longer important,
but don’t underestimate the power of leaving something tangible with your prospective clients.Direct Mail Marketing Leaflets Brochures

Think about when you last had a meeting where a sales representative who was trying to sell you something. What do you remember about them? Can you remember their key message? Can you remember the main points about their expertise? Can you even remember what they look like?

It’s really difficult to recall everything important from one meeting and the message could be lost in your memory. By leaving something with your key message on, you are giving them something to hold, touch and relate to when you are gone. It should have the right message on there, in order to carry on your sales pitch, even after you have left.

This is where our Design and Print services come in.

The Design and Print process

All elements of the design and print process are important and there are different aspects that need to be taken in to account; images, colours, layout, sizing, marketing message and print quality. It’s about attention to detail and portraying the right image of your organisation.

Marketing Message

The message is important in the design and print process because it will be the reason that they take longer to consider your marketing material.

Is the message clear? Is it targeted? Is there a reason to buy from you? Is there a call to action?


It is really important to have the right quality of images. Images need to have a certain resolution for print and it’s different than those which you would use for a website. It may look fine but you will notice the difference when it is printed, usually you will see pixilation or a slight blurring around the edge.


The gradient of the colours are important in design and print as you will have certain organisational colours that you use. For example, if yellow is one of your corporate colours and you don’t use the right gradient of yellow it can look cream and date your marketing material as well as give a different impression of your brand.

Layout and Sizing

You pick a size, it could be your conventional A5 but whatever the size, the layout needs to be right. The aim is draw the eye to where is most important in those first few seconds otherwise you risk confusing the viewer and they’ll throw it away because they didn’t get the message.


CMYK Design and print aspectThis is the area where people usually skimp on because they think it’s too expensive. Actually, when you want to print larger amounts of printed material there is a very slight difference in price. We have seen quantities of 2000 printed for £5 difference to the price to quantities of 1500.

It’s not just about quantity, though, it’s about the quality.

We all like something tangible and nice to hold. If it is the right quality, it invokes our reaction to think twice about throwing it away. Think about a nice glossy, weighted brochure and then compare it to a flimsy flyer. Which are you going to consider keeping? 

How do we work?

Our Marketing Consultants make sure you get the right message and brand consistency.

Our Designers are true creatives. They don’t just rejig things around Photoshop, they take a brief and blow it right out of the water so you get a great design.

Our printers make sure you get a great quality print to match the design.

We can design and print:

  • Logos
  • Business Card
  • Letterheads
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Pop-up Banners
  • Posters
  • Promotional products from pens to stress balls, mugs to portfolio cases
  • Advert design
  • Flyers
  • Personalised workwear
  • Corporate stationery
  • Folders and presentation materials
  • Signs and displays for shop fronts
  • Vehicle sign wrapping

Call us for a Design and Print quote on 01604  434170.

What our clients say

Thank you for all of your inspiring marketing advice
Given me just the boost I needed after a quiet patch
I could see that Heather loved and truly believed in helping other businesses, like mine, and was very easy to approach.
Heather had so many ideas that I hadn’t, and probably wouldn’t have, thought of on my own and it was all things that I could easily learn with Heather’s help.
I highly recommend Heather for any help with marketing and boosting your business potential, she really helped me to just start thinking outside of box. I now have lots more interest in my business and feel a lot more confident about my future.
Heather has a great marketing mind, one of which we have been lucky enough to tap into..!
Excellent meeting with marketing wiz Heather Selbie. Lots of great ideas on how I can improve my business which I will be implementing over the next few months. She is definitely the lady to see for marketing advice and the first hour is free – which is nice!
Heather is extremely passionate about her field of expertise. Her enthusiasm is delivered in a structured and focused way that you cannot be anything other than inspired!
Heather is helpful, informative and very knowledgeable about Marketing, Websites, Social media, anything she does not know is not worth knowing!
Heather is business focused, commercially aware and I have no hesitation in recommending Heather!

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