So you’re thinking of paying for ads?

Think about the amount of information people put on Facebook – not just in their profile bios but what they post, comment, share or even view. Facebook stores all that information. Using their ad facility enables you to target people based on exactly those things.

Types of things you can target people on:

• Location – You can be as specific as dropping the pin on a specific road with a minimum radius around the road of 1 KM.
• Gender
• Age
• Language

Then, this is where things get interesting…Facebook have four main options:

You can limit your audience down to Financials (Income, Net worth), Life events (Anniversaries, birthdays etc), Home, Parents (if they are parents and if so, what age kids they have).

Does your perfect client like going to the gym, or do they scuba dive?

Do you want to target high spenders or homeowners?

These are options that are too specific for Facebook to categorise in the other sections.
This is literally only a sample of the options available for you to filter by but hopefully it give you a good idea of how specific you could get.

Types of ads:

There are a variety of different ads, but for now, I am going to take the best and the worse (in my opinion.)

Boosting– It’s the inexperienced version of Facebook advertising. Most people use this and think this is Facebook ads in its glory – this is no disrespect to you, you don’t know there is a better option.

Boosting posts only give you a fraction of the targeting options. I think there is an issue with regards to what you are boosting, too. A post. You are boosting one post. It had better be a good post with already amazing engagement otherwise boosting it won’t do much except waste your money.

If you couldn’t tell, I feel this is the worst type of Facebook ad and strongly discourage everyone to use a different ad.
Traffic – I love this type of ad. Imagine this, you have a business with a kick-ass website. You have an amazing offer or service and you want more people to use it but also, to see this information first.

You aren’t limited on characters on a website (Facebook limits you to around 300 words.) and you have more chance of people cruising around your site to see what else you do. Increasing the chances of them buying into you or literally buying.

With this ad, you can choose your target audience, show them a message that will ring true and they can click on your link to your website to learn more / book / buy.

So…are they good?

Look, if you understand your audience and can be quite specific, you have a message that will speak directly to them and a great place for them to land and make it easy for them to buy. Go right on ahead and start your Facebook ad journey.

If this doesn’t sound like you, revisit some of the aspects before you start spending your money. Oh and DON’T BLOOMING “BOOST”!!

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