Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. In a successful business environment, they sit alongside one another to target customers, make sales and increase revenue. However, the two teams often clash or don’t coordinate their techniques and actions. This culminates in neither team utilising the other’s skill set, ultimately to the detriment of the business.

This blog is about the role of sales in making the most of marketing. Essentially, good marketing brings clients to you, the sales team, prepped and ready to buy. This negates the need for huge amounts of cold calling and sets the ball rolling for a good client relationship. Sales are then responsible for ensuring that those valuable leads are followed up, that their needs are met and the sale is closed. I’m going to lay out how salespeople can use what the marketing team gives them – more importantly, how not to mess up what the marketing team gives them! – and the importance of doing so.

Marketing and sales are complementary but different art forms. Marketing specialises in targeting prospective clients and generating leads while the sales team are responsible for taking those leads and converting them into sales. In well organised businesses, both teams recognise the value of the other and work together, rather than in competition, to generate income. Focusing on a combined marketing and sales strategy will generate significant financial growth.

Work with your Marketing

As a salesperson, being pro-active in your relationship with the marketing team is key. Through feedback and analysis of marketing campaigns, they provide you with huge amounts of data. This could come from email shots, direct advertising, social media, public relations or brand awareness campaigns. This data gives great insight into your customer – or prospective customer – base:

  • who they are;
  • how they fit into your target demographics;
  • who’s opened an email or attachment; and
  • who’s followed a link to specific products or services.

This data takes away the difficult task of assessing interest and figuring out what a prospective client needs. Your job becomes much simpler by working with the marketing data.

Making a cold call is difficult. Building a relationship with a client through a cold call is difficult. Through analysis and follow up of marketing data, you, the sales team, can approach a client knowing they’ve already come to you. Knowing they’ve already shown an interest in your product or service.

So, Marketing – Check! Leads – Check! What, now?

So, marketing have handed you the beautiful gift of an interested client… now, don’t mess this up! What are the practical steps to following up these leads?

  1. Always reply to client enquiries within 24 hours; nothing says uninterested like waiting a week to receive a follow up call.
  2. If a client has followed a link to a specific product or service, aim to follow up in 2-3 hours; these people are hot leads!
  3. Make it clear that you have registered their interest and find out what, specifically, they were looking for.
  4. Listen, respond and create a need which you can meet; the Sales Manager Mantra.
  5. Help them to buy!

Generating cold leads is difficult. Analysing and using marketing data is easy. The choice is simple! By working with marketing, you have a prospective client who has come to you ready to buy. Rapport and relationships are easier to build because the initial contact has been made. You simply need to follow up, create the need and convert the lead into a sale.

A strong strategy which enables sales and marketing to work together is the key to business growth. So, from me to you – sales people – don’t misjudge the value of your marketing team and when you’re handed leads on a plate… don’t mess it up!

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