Is Marketing Consultancy for you?

Okay, so you are probably thinking, why do I want to pay someone just for a bit of advice? Well, a little advice can go a long way.

A Mazzle Marketing Consultant

Let’s iron out what a Mazzle Marketing Consultant actually does…

“I’m having problem keeping on top of what marketing to send out, when and to whom; to a point that it doesn’t actually get done.”

The above example was based on a real-life client of ours, a Printer in Northampton.

Client Background

There are two Directors, one is part-time and one is full-time.

The part-time Director helped with the printing of the orders but he mainly dealt with the accounts.

The full-time Director came from a dominant sales background. He had no problem converting leads but he was having difficulty producing marketing messages. He came across as very salesy when he tried. He knew he had to do marketing but he was used to working with marketing departments who would make that happen – now he had to do it himself. He had tried a few things but it wasn’t getting him anywhere and he just tried a few things every now and then.

Now, you have most likely met a Sales person or two in your business life so they expect results, this client very clearly said, “I expect to see more than 5 times the investment back from any investment.” Obviously, there are never any guarantees but read on…

To sum up:

  • Busy Business Owner so limited resourcesLightbulb
  • Marketing isn’t their forte
  • No consistency in marketing (time, message, layout)
  • Wanted results

What did we do?

First things first, if we don’t understand your business, how can we hope to give you a viable solution?

We sat down with both Directors and asked some key questions:

  • What marketing are you doing?
  • Why are you doing each marketing activity? (In a non-critical way – we need to understand your thought process)
  • What issues you are having with each marketing activity. Is it down to lack of time or lack of knowing what to write next?
  • Your current customer base
  • Your target customers
  • Your lead sources (if you know them)
  • Your most profitable service and your most popular service. (Not always the same answer.)

What was the solution?

The solution was a Marketing Plan.

A marketing plan provides a good structure to your marketing. You have a clear plan of what you are doing each day for your marketing, why you are doing it, when you are doing it and who it is aimed at. You will also have a clear way of identifying whether or not it was successful.

Did the Printer implement your advice?

Simply put, yes but they asked us to produce the marketing plan for them. Based on our research and knowledge of their company and industry we put together a 3 month marketing plan.

What did that entail?

We did a lot of research but we also put ourselves firmly in the shoes of their ideal client.

We produced their marketing plan with detailed monthly objectives as well as sub-objectives for each marketing activity but more importantly it detailed how to report on the success of those objectives. Each marketing activity was broken down into the marketing message, who it was aimed at and when it was to go out.

In our research stage, we were advised of some significant changes that were happening to their company in those 3 months which would limit their resources. Specifically, recruiting and training two members of staff and moving office. We decided that this needed to be reflected in their marketing plan.

The client felt they needed to do more marketing activities. We advised against this due to the resources but they insisted. We did as they asked.

Did it work?

Yes but it could have been more effective had all of our advice been followed.

We reviewed it after 3 months and they had done perhaps 20% of the marketing plan BUT they did achieve an extra £5000 of sales because they focussed on a new marketing activity (Facebook).

We are pleased to report that this was more than 5 times of their investment.

To sum up

The printer had a marketing problem. They paid for advice which gave them a viable solution. The solution would have been more effective if they had listened to all of the advice given but they still made £5000 worth of extra sales within 3 months, which was more than 5 times of their initial investment in our services.

What comes under Marketing Consultancy?

Could you do with more sales in your business? Call us now to book in an appointment which will put your marketing on track. 

Call us now to book your appointment on 01604 434170.

What our clients say

Thank you for all of your inspiring marketing advice
Given me just the boost I needed after a quiet patch
I could see that Heather loved and truly believed in helping other businesses, like mine, and was very easy to approach.
Heather had so many ideas that I hadn’t, and probably wouldn’t have, thought of on my own and it was all things that I could easily learn with Heather’s help.
I highly recommend Heather for any help with marketing and boosting your business potential, she really helped me to just start thinking outside of box. I now have lots more interest in my business and feel a lot more confident about my future.
Heather has a great marketing mind, one of which we have been lucky enough to tap into..!
Excellent meeting with marketing wiz Heather Selbie. Lots of great ideas on how I can improve my business which I will be implementing over the next few months. She is definitely the lady to see for marketing advice and the first hour is free – which is nice!
Heather is extremely passionate about her field of expertise. Her enthusiasm is delivered in a structured and focused way that you cannot be anything other than inspired!
Heather is helpful, informative and very knowledgeable about Marketing, Websites, Social media, anything she does not know is not worth knowing!
Heather is business focused, commercially aware and I have no hesitation in recommending Heather!

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