Marketing Inspection

We developed the Marketing Inspection service when we were approached by a client who has a member of staff who does their marketing on a part-time basis in addition to administrative duties.

The Client’s problem was that she didn’t feel like their marketing had any direction and that there was a lot to do and they didn’t know where to start.

That’s where Mazzle came in. We sat down with the client and talked about these issues and the business direction. The solution was a giant to-do list for this member of staff to work on.

The Marketing Inspection

A Marketing Inspection is a review of the marketing channels to create a to-do-list of areas where things needed to be changed and how they needed to be changed.

The client gave us a list of the marketing channels that they used and access to them. E.g. Facebook log in details, email marketing system log in details etc.

We started with one channel at a time and asked ourselves a few questions. The questions vary from channel to channel so let’s give you an example of the website inspection:

  • Is the branding consistent?Inspect your marketing, keep your clients
  • Does it portray the right image?
  • Would this make me buy from them?
  • What information do I need to see to make a decision?
  • Does it have all of the relevant information I would expect to see?
  • Is it visually pleasing?
  • Can I contact them easily?
  • Can I navigate it easily?
  • Do the links/downloads work?
  • Does it have a blog function which is updated regularly?
  • Are there ALT tags on all images?
  • Do they have Page Titles and Meta Descriptions?
  • Any spelling mistakes?
  • Does the copy make sense?
  • What can be done to improve this?

We go through a website page by page to produce the inspection report.  The report is then broken down by webpage and pinpoints the area in question. E.g. About Us page, third paragraph down is a spelling mistake and the link “Read More” does not work.

We did this for each marketing channel. The inspection report ended up being nearly 20 pages, quite a large document but it was very thorough.

What happened after the Marketing Inspection?

We had a date in the diary to present our inspection report to the client and this member of staff. We went through it page by page to make sure everyone knew what needed to be changed and they were happy with the comments.

After around 4 weeks, we checked in. A lot of the amendments were well underway. Another 4 weeks went by and we followed up with a report on the effects of the changes. We have used the website inspection as an example, so to report on the success of the website, we pulled a Google Analytics report from a three month period – the month before the inspection, during amendments and after. There was significant increase in visitors and a lower bounce rate (people leaving the website) and they were spending longer on their website.

So, our client was happy because she knew that they were making headway with their marketing and it was producing result and the member of staff was happy because they didn’t feel the pressure of not knowing what to do next.

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