Outsourcing your Marketing

People consider outsourcing when they are struggling to juggle being a business owner, driving the business forward and managing things like Bookkeeping, Accounts, Admin, I.T and HR, in addition to their own Marketing.

Outsourcing your marketing is no different to outsourcing your I.T. / HR. You will have an experienced Marketing Manager who will oversee and carry out all marketing tasks, in addition to helping you drive the business forward without the expenses of having them on payroll.

What can you outsource?

Anything you feel comfortable outsourcing but typical tasks include:

  • Marketing Plan including full audit of current marketing and plan of attack
  • Monthly marketing reports (Google Analytics, Email reports, Social Media reports) which will highlight what has worked, what hasn’t and direction to take
  • Blog writing and uploading to website
  • Updating website copy
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media updates
  • Design
  • Weekly / Bi-weekly/ Monthly marketing meeting
  • Comms – liaising with designers, printers, distributors, magazines, newspapers, website designers
  • Ad-hoc marketing work e.g. product launch copy, editorial etc.
  • General marketing advice e.g. if you aren’t sure whether advertising in XXXX is a good idea

How does it work?

We look at what you want to outsource, work out how many hours it will take over a year. We will give you an hourly rate, work out annual cost and then divide it by 12 for your monthly payment.

Sounds complicated but it looks something like this:

215 hours (in a year) x £50+VAT (hourly rate) = £10,750+VAT (annual total)

£10,750+VAT (annual total) divided by 12 (months) = £895.83 (per month.)

It means you have the same payment each month, regardless if you go over /under in hours in a month as the hours tend to balance out in the end..

Any catch?

Not really, with this type of arrangement we use a retainer agreement which is subject to a minimum of 12 month term and a contract (supplied by Mazzle.)

How do I know you are really using those hours?

Well, a little bit of trust backed up with a timesheet which is filled out with activities we have done for you, date and time taken. We send the timesheet each month with the remaining hours.

I’m not sure how many hours I would need…

That’s okay. It honestly varies depending on what you want to outsource but we’ll work that out and we are able to fully justify how long it takes.

We offer retainer agreements for as little as 5 hours a month up to 50 hours a month.

Why do people outsource their marketing? Is it really cost-effective?No time to do my Marketing outsource

It’s cost effective because you don’t have to worry about:

  • The recruitment process
  • Training
  • Managing their workload
  • Managing sickness and holidays
  • Continuous professional development
  • NI contributions
  • Payroll

All very time consuming and costly activities.

Instead you can have a team of marketing professionals with your own dedicated Marketing Manager, all of which have a range of marketing experience and specialities across different industries for a fraction of the cost (and stress) of employing someone.

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