Social Media platforms have become a fantastic marketing tool, but you need to be able to navigate them on a marketing level. Mazzle’s Social Media Training can help you with just that.

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, navigating the platforms in a marketing sense may not be as easy as you first thought.

 Social Media Training

How can Mazzle help?

With Social Media Training, a Mazzle expert will take you through the platform step-by-step, showing you all the different aspects you need to know.

Not only will you learn about posting, but we can show you how to monitor your accounts. We can find out whether what you are posting is engaging the users or not and where to focus your efforts.

They will also take a look at your current pages and let you know where and what you could edit and change, producing a high quality and informative page which will engage your users.

Can the training be customised?

All of our training is bespoke to you. If there is something specific you would like to focus on, let us know.

We also offer group sessions, so if you currently have a few staff members running your accounts, we can most certainly accommodate.

Post training, you will also receive 1 years’ worth of after support, so if you forget anything or have any questions we are just a phone call, email or text away!

Can you help me put what I’ve learnt into action?

Definitely! Newly added to the list of Mazzle services, is After Support +. If you feel like you may need some help putting what you’ve learnt into action, so that you start seeing results quickly, then this is the package for you. Click here for more info!

Would you or members of your team benefit from training? We not only provided 1 on 1 but also group sessions – call us on 01604 434170 for a quote.