We love reviews!

At Mazzle, we have such a passion for marketing that it feels so rewarding when we receive good reviews which tell us how much we have helped our clients.

Many clients want to see that someone has tried, tested and liked the services of a business. We have received many good reviews from our clients and they have even utilised social media to recommend us to their followers as well as emailing us with their experiences. Below are a few of the reviews that we have received via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Reviews are really useful in helping us adapt our customer service strategy, so, should you have recently experienced our services then we would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on our service.

We guarantee that all of these reviews are real and have not been tampered with.

Mazzle Testimonials

New Sales and Marketing Manager needed some guidance

Vikki joined an Accountancy firm as a Sales and Marketing Manager with mostly a sales background. Vikki needed some marketing guidance on what direction to take and affirmation that she was on the right track. Vikki was doing a great job with her website changes but we provided her with some extra tips on content and an insight in to what Google looks for. We also provided some advice on email marketing and social media campaigns.

“Heather is extremely passionate about her field of expertise. Her enthusiasm is delivered in a structured and focused way that you cannot be anything other than inspired!

Heather is helpful, informative and very knowledgeable about Marketing, Websites, Social media, anything she does not know is not worth knowing! Heather is business focused, commercially aware and I have no hesitation in recommending Heather!”

Vikki from TM Professional, review via Linkedin

New business owner needed a little direction

Sarah had started her business but felt stuck as she wasn’t sure what direction to take with her marketing, especially her website which has an online shop. We prepared a website audit and provided her with loads of tips to improve the website covering content, layout, functionality and SEO. We also discussed her use of social media, placement of flyers and promoting her services.

Customer service review on a mobile“I first met Heather whilst networking. Heather came across very professional and friendly with a lovely bubbly personality. I could see that she loved and truly believed in helping other businesses, like mine, and was very easy to approach.

I found her opinions and ideas about how to market your own business very inspiring. Heather had so many ideas that I hadn’t, and probably wouldn’t have, thought of on my own and it was all things that I could easily learn with Heather’s help.

I highly recommend Heather for any help with marketing and boosting your business potential, in fact she really helped me to just start thinking outside of box, thanks to Heather I got the boost I needed to carry on working with parts of my business I hadn’t yet thought of boosting. I now have lots more interest in my business and feel a lot more confident about my future.”Testimonials

Sarah from Sarah’s Crafts at Home, review via Linkedin

“Thank you for all of your inspiring marketing advice.”

Sarah from Sarah’s Crafts at Home, review via twitter

“Given me just the boost I needed after a quiet patch.”

Sarah from Sarah’s Crafts at Home, review via Twitter

Local letting agent wanted to maintain our M.D.’s hard work

Heather (M.D. of Mazzle) was employed by Chelton Brown in 2011 as a Marketing Manager. There wasn’t a lot of structured marketing, within two years she had turned their marketing around and introduced some successful campaigns. Heather started Mazzle and Chelton Brown was keen to become her first client to maintain all of her hard work.

“Heather came to work for me in 2011 as Marketing Manager. She implemented a social media strategies that worked really well for the business as well as take control of everything to do with marketing and our image. When she decided to set up her own business, we had no hesitation asking her to continue to look after the social media and a number of other marketing activities. She is hard working and a pleasure to deal with.”

Sali Brown, Chelton Brown, review via Linkedin

New local property portal needs to drive traffic to their website

Steve and Clare started their business in Jan 2013 and having successful gained interest from agents but they needed to now focus on driving traffic to their website, i.e. attracting potential buyers/renters. We focused on reporting tools, campaigns and the “offer.”

“Steve and I both felt that the meeting was extremely beneficial and felt really motivated afterwards.”

Clare from Northants Property Online, review via email

Small business needed help with new product development idea

Making the impossible, possibleMichelle has a card making business which she contributes to on a part-time basis. Ideally, Michelle wants to get to the point of running her business full-time. Michelle had a new service idea that she wanted some help and advice with.

From this meeting, Michelle took away tips on improving this new idea, how to promote it and some more ideas on how it would work.

“A huge thank you Heather for meeting me yesterday. You were extremely helpful and gave me so much to think about. Even if it does mean I no longer have time for sleeping! :)”

Michelle from Luxurious Cards, review via Facebook

Established Osteopath needed help with online and offline marketing activities

Bob is an Osteopath and needed some direction with his online and offline marketing activities. We discussed his current marketing activities as well as potential campaign ideas to see how we could drive him some new business.

“Excellent meeting with marketing wiz Heather Selbie from Mazzle. Lots of great ideas on how I can improve my business which I will be implementing over the next few months. She is definitely the lady to see for marketing advice and the first hour is free – which is nice!”

Bob from Sollus Healthcare, review via Facebook

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