Social Media Management

There are a few common reasons people outsource their social media accounts to us:

  • “I don’t have the time.” – This is the most common. Businesses grow and business owners want to devote time to driving the business forward or doing things they enjoy rather than certain marketing activities. Social Media Management means you can get back to what you enjoy.
  • “I can’t afford to take someone on to do it and I don’t have the time.” – Taking on a member of staff is expensive; recruiting, interviewing, contracts, training and then actually managing them. Social Media Management takes the need for that person away and put’s it squarely in the hands of someone with experience and who you don’t need to train up.
  • “It’s not my forte but I need for it to happen.” – You recognise it’s important to use social media as a marketing tool for your business but you don’t want to do it. Social Media Management means that your business maintains a good presence and you don’t have to be the person who is responsible for it.


Worried about outsourcing your social media?

It’s a valid concern. This is your business and your reputation that you are handing over to another person so you are bound to have some concerns. Here are a few of the questions that we get asked:

Will my customer’s realise that it’s not me?

Firstly, don’t think of us as a separate entity. We join your team as your Social Media Manager. We’ll sit down and talk to you about what you want to achieve and then we’ll establish the tone of voice and posting approach (types of post we’ll publish).

How will you know what to post?

Research. We have a fact finding conversation with you about what you want to achieve, your existing customer base, who you want to target and which products/services that you’d like to sell more of. Then, we move on to our next stage of research where we will look at:

  • Typical questions people ask about your industry
  • Relevant news sources – local and industry
  • Regulatory bodies e.g. if you are in the lettings industry and you are ARLA regulated
  • Your website
  • Your competitor’s websites
  • Your existing social media platform reports

A good amount of research enables us to really tailor the messages on behalf of your business as well as setting you apart from your competition.

Do I need to do anything once it’s set up?

Yes, please. Anything that is going on in the business that in engaging and interesting for your current client base, potential customers and staff.  Remember, we form part of your company but we aren’t psychic – you need to talk to us!

Some of our customers email us on a Friday afternoon with a list of things they are doing the following week, any good or interesting news or staff holidays etc. We can give you an idea of the things that would assist us in creating a successful social media platform for your business.


The posts can cover:

  • Promotional posts / Competitions
  • Links to your website/data capture/blogs/videos
  • General updates about your company
  • Topical conversations – relating to your industry
  • Humorous/interesting relevant pictures/videos
  • Tips.


This includes:

  • Interacting with audience (starting conversations / responding to their posts)
  • Retweeting and sharing relevant and interesting content
  • Utilising relevant Hashtags
  • Following relevant people/businesses
  • Liking relevant pages and their posts.

Social Media Report


  • Page likes – increase and decrease in likes.
  • Reach – total people reached and engagement (Likes, comments, shares).
  • Posts – top ten posts based on engagement e.g. Like, comments and shares.
  • People – demographic of fans and the people reached.


  • N.o of Tweets.
  • Tweet impressions – how many people have seen your tweets.
  • Profile visits – how many people have looked at your profile.
  • Mentions – how many people have used your handle ( @mazzleltd ) to engage with you.
  • Followers – increase or decrease in followers.
  • Follower demographic – interests, country, region and gender.
  • Top ten tweets – top ten tweets for engagement e.g. being retweeted, replied to and favorited.
  • Top mention – this relates to when a post which has “mentioned” you.

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What our clients say

Thank you for all of your inspiring marketing advice
Given me just the boost I needed after a quiet patch
I could see that Heather loved and truly believed in helping other businesses, like mine, and was very easy to approach.
Heather had so many ideas that I hadn’t, and probably wouldn’t have, thought of on my own and it was all things that I could easily learn with Heather’s help.
I highly recommend Heather for any help with marketing and boosting your business potential, she really helped me to just start thinking outside of box. I now have lots more interest in my business and feel a lot more confident about my future.
Heather has a great marketing mind, one of which we have been lucky enough to tap into..!
Excellent meeting with marketing wiz Heather Selbie. Lots of great ideas on how I can improve my business which I will be implementing over the next few months. She is definitely the lady to see for marketing advice and the first hour is free – which is nice!
Heather is extremely passionate about her field of expertise. Her enthusiasm is delivered in a structured and focused way that you cannot be anything other than inspired!
Heather is helpful, informative and very knowledgeable about Marketing, Websites, Social media, anything she does not know is not worth knowing!
Heather is business focused, commercially aware and I have no hesitation in recommending Heather!

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