Marketing for the Start-up Business

Have you just begun the journey into your start-up business and you aren’t quite sure where to start with marketing it? You’re in the right place! We will show you some great, free/low cost marketing activities to start marketing your new business.

On to the good bits:

Business cards

These will be the first impressions of your business so please, please, please do not use Vistaprint! It may seem like the cheaper option but you can pick up a good quality of business cards from a Asset 46@600x-8 (002)local printer from £50+VAT for a quantity of 250/500.


Get yourself along to some networking events. The aim of networking is to get to know other businesses, trust and like them enough to do business with them. It’s not about hard selling. Build the relationships and the business will come. Key details about networking:

  • The cost of a networking event ranges from £10 – £30 per meeting.
  • Some have membership options. Usually you can have 2 or 3 visits before you need to commit to a membership.
  • There are breakfast groups, lunch time groups, evening groups, membership only groups, and monthly, weekly and bi-weekly groups

You should aim to go on a regular basis and try to pick a range of different type of groups.

To give you an idea; when I first started Mazzle, I went to several breakfast groups (two monthly groups), a lunchtime group (monthly) and an evening group (monthly.) I progressed to pick up a weekly, breakfast, membership group and kept the lunchtime and a breakfast group.

Not sure where to find a networking event? Try searching Eventbrite for networking events. Failing that, try searching Google for a few nationally known networking organisations with local groups such as BNI, 4N, FSB and Chamber of Commerce.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest are the most popular social media channels. Using the platforms is free but obviously, there are always extra chargeable options available. Hopefully this will give you an idea of which platform would best suit you:


Twitter can work for most businesses. With Twitter you can:

  • Have a real conversation with someone and build a relationship just like you would at a Networking event.Social Media Training
  • Use hashtags to network / start conversations with a certain group of people
  • Find the people you are targeting by their conversations


Facebook works particularly well for those who are trying to attract the Mummy Market and for those who especially have creative/ bespoke products e.g. bridal, beauty, handcrafted products. It can work for businesses who are trying to sell to other businesses but it takes a bit longer.

Additionally, if you have a business where you sell products, you could use the Facebook shop facility.

Word of warning: It is getting more difficult to build up a successful Facebook Page with just good content. You need to create a significant buzz or use Facebook ads.


Linkedin is a platform for people who sell to other businesses. Linkedin has tried to introduce the more social elements that have made Facebook successful but they aren’t as effective. It is still a very “professional” platform.

As long as you sell directly to other businesses or you are looking for a job then Linkedin can work very well.

PinterestMazWebsiteThis is a fantastic tool for those who have products / visual services. Those in the bridal, design, photography and food industry do particularly well. Again, those who are trying to attract the Mummy Market do very well.

Word of warning: This platform is highly addictive!


This isn’t imperative to start networking but it is a good place to initially place your services and a place to represent your business. WordPress is a good, easy-to-use platform.

Build a list

From all of the above activities you can start to build a database of contacts and think about email marketing – which you call use a free bit of software called Mailchimp.

I hope that has helped you but please do give me a call if you need a bit more advice.

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